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Curlworks Plush Props

Custom Plush and Fursuit Props

We offer a large variety of hand crafted plushes made by us in our Minneapolis studio, meaning we have the flexibility to create something totally custom for you! We take custom projects on a case-by-case basis, so if you'd like one of our items in a different color, or something entirely new, let us know!

Examples of what we can create:
- existing plush shop items in different colors or patterns
- custom flat plushes based on pets, original characters, or fursonas
- custom plush fursuit props
- custom plush cosplay props
- custom plush fan cover props

Examples of what we do not create:

- 'teddy bear' or feral style plushes of fursonas or characters
- large complex non-plush costume pieces (IE: elaborate capes, armor, etc)

Our turnaround time for small projects is usually about 1 month depending on our current queue, but if you need your project finished earlier we can do so for a fee, let us know! Our price range for custom projects varies, but is anywhere from +$5 for a simple recolor of an existing shop item to ~$50 - $150+ for completely custom small plushes and accessories. Larger and more intricate props can run anywhere from $100 - $600+. We LOVE trying new things, reach out to us!

We are currently CLOSED for new prop commissions and quotes/price estimates. We plan on reopening for more slots in January 2020! Feel free to check out our mailing list if you'd like to be updated next time we open.