Partnerships & Stockists

Below you can find information about our current stockists and past design partnerships. We are always seeking new wholesale & freelance opportunities, please reach out if you are interested in working with us!

You can view our wholesale catalog here & our retail shop here.


Mischief Toy Store
818 Grand Ave,
St Paul, MN 55105

i like you
1955 Johnson St NE,
Minneapolis, MN 55418

i like you too
416 Snelling Ave S,
St Paul, MN 55105

Heroes & Villains
4533 E Broadway Blvd,
Tucson, AZ 85711

Dual Wield Studio
An independently owned online boutique based in Seattle, WA.


Target Pride
Target reached out to us to partner for their 2022 Pride collection. We designed illustrations that appeared in their in-store & online #TakePride collection nationwide.