Custom Kigurumi Reviews

Reviews from our kigu clients!

Nox the Bear - @mackoolzie

"Ive worked with the Curlworks team twice and they are some of the best sweetest ppl ever to work with!!!! Fast and professional with amazing quality !!!!!"

Wylie the Coyote - @cryptidyote

"AHH! definitely go check out Curlworks; their work is my favorite and they’re AMAZING to work with!!!! If you’re looking to get a wonderful custom kigu DEFINITELY check these guys out!!!!"

Casper the Gargoyle - @Spookychooks

"I LOVE MY KIG FROM THEM. They have great communication and willing to try new things. If you got something you think is impossible, they can pull it off."

Sepia the Ibizan Hound

"I absolutely love my Curlworks kigu!

Working with Curlworks has been the best experience I've ever had when it comes to commissioning large-scale fursuit/craft products. Their communication was stellar. Whenever they had a delay, like when their sewing machine went down, or when one of the makers started a new job, they were quick to communicate that to me and let me know there would be a short delay (in both cases it was 2 weeks max). I really appreciate it. I've had several products commissioned in the past where the maker would never tell me anything that would cause delays or give me communication. I appreciated this a lot with Curlworks. Even with minor delays, they were very timely!

Another thing I appreciated a lot is that when they originally made the ears for my kigu, they made them too small. So they let me know right away it would take just a teeny bit more time to correct. I love the fact that they didn't leave them incorrect, and they even sent me the smaller ears just because! It was extra nice because it wasn't a mistake I even caught, they caught it on their own and worked to correct it right away.

The kigu itself, I LOVE. It is very well made. The embroidery on the face is neat, clean, and represents my character well. The kigu is very comfortable, and I love wearing it in the colder months where I live. I wear it out a lot, and I love representing because I get a ton of compliments on it. It also has a lot of breathing room. My weight has changed a lot since the time I gave them my measurements and now, but it has always fit. I like that a lot, because I have had to sell fursuit body suits in the past due to either out weighing them or under weighing them, so having something I can always wear regardless of weight is really nice.

Curlworks offers a ton of other cool crafts and props besides kigus, and I recommend you check that stuff out, too!

Thank you so much, Salty and Soupy!!”

Tanzer the Hyena Monster

"Fantastic communication at every step of the process!

They took every note I had into consideration and were very polite and accommodating when I was giving them feedback about the design of the embroidered hood.

On top of that, they were very quick in getting it done, it took maybe around a month in my case, and the quality did not suffer one bit.

This is literally the most comfortable kigu I own, and I'll definitely be coming back to them again in the future!"

Peppar the Shiba Inu

"They have high-quality kigus, and on top of that an excellent customer service! They both are super kind and willing to answer questions, fix anything, they go above and beyond to make the customer feel comfortable. This has been one of my most pleasant experiences commissioning someone I have ever had."

Butcher the Rabbit

"Absolutely EXCELLENT quality, great communication, and is totally winter-worthy for comfort, and surprisingly easy to move around in ♡"

Balthazar the Coyote

“Amazing quality, outstanding customer service. The transaction was smooth and easy, and I was blown away by how FAST everything was completed. A+“

Fizz the Husky

“Great work and the quality is outstanding. I love my kigu so much. <3”

Blade the Wolf

“Working with Curlworks was very easy and stress free, they were quick to respond and had work in progress photos available within hours. I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for props, kigus and fursuits. Soupy and Satline have a professional demeanor about them that you won’t find in other fursuit makers making them the only one’s that I will commission.”

Kota the Lion

"Working with Curlworks was a breeze. They kept me updated every step of the way and I received WIP pictures through each of the steps. The quality of the product was phenomenal, and I wear the kigurumi quite often."
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Kerberos the Coyote/Doberman

“I would absolutely commission Curlworks again. You get what you pay for, a quality product that is crafted with care.”
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Syrup the Dutch Angel Dragon

“There are no cons to working with Curlworks. They were very easy to get a hold of and keep in contact with. They also work extremely quickly in my opinion. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a kigu. They are so sweet and they just make amazing kigurumis!”
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Balthazar the Coyote Fox

“My experience was very positive and I don’t have any cons from working with them besides I can’t get another one for a while until I save up and they open again! I would highly recommend anyone to commission them for a kigu! The quality is amazing and the service is even better!

Final rating: YES! – GO GET ONE NOW!”
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