Terms of Service

ToS for Custom Work


This terms of service applies to custom non-commercial projects. Curlworks reserves the right to deny service to anyone for any reason. Terms are subject to change. By commissioning us for custom work, you agree to these terms– consider this a legally binding contract which includes any additional terms outlined and agreed to by both parties in writing (including email and instant message).


You must be 18 years of age or older to agree to these terms. By commissioning Curlworks you confirm that you are 18 years or older and that you agree to these terms.


Our custom kigurumi and other custom commissions are offer-based, and we no longer provide quotes for most projects. Quotes are only valid for the duration of the opening in which they are submitted and are subject to change. This quote does not include shipping (which is to be paid by the client).


Typically, a 30% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in our work queue. Full payment is expected by the 1st of the month that the project is initially scheduled to begin. Work on any project will not begin until the commission is paid in full. Failure to notify us of potential payment delays at least 14 days before the payment due date may result in delay or cancellation of your project.


Kigurumi may be sent to us for repair up to 30 days after completion and original delivery. This warranty covers repairs for general wear-and-tear such as popped seams, missing buttons, and construction issues on our end at no additional cost to the client (other than shipping). Any construction issues must be brought to our attention within 30 days of delivery.

Damage caused by the client is not covered under warranty and includes but is not limited to: stains, fire damage, mildew, heat damage, tears and holes in the fabric, or other abuse. Alterations to the product (cutting, sewing, adding additional material) will void the warranty.

Deadlines & ETAs

We will give you a general timeframe for completion of your project, this timeframe may shift by a few weeks as we progress in our queue, but we will always keep you updated if we run into unexpected delays. We appreciate your trust and are very dedicated to being honest about our schedule and meeting our ETAs– if you have been responsive and provided all necessary information and requested materials and your project hasn't begun construction within 6 months of your original ETA, we will fully refund your project.

Please notify us during the submission process if you are looking for a specific deadline– we will not be able to accommodate your deadline once your project has been scheduled. We reserve the right to refuse any deadline for any reason. We may charge a fee to reserve a deadline. In the rare case that a deadline can't be met, we will refund this fee. We will contact you in advance if we feel that your deadline may not be met.

For the project to move as efficiently as possible, it is in the client’s best interest to respond promptly to any requests for information. Delays due to non-communication on the client’s end (failing to approve a design or progress, failing to send measurements or materials, delayed payment, etc.) may result in a missed ETA or deadline. We may reschedule or cancel your project if we are unable to contact you and it begins to impact our schedule. If we are unable to reach you for 30 days, your project will be cancelled and refunded depending on work completed, minus your 30% deposit.

Concept Art and Revisions

For custom kigurumi, we require a full ‘Safe For Work’ reference sheet of the character design which clearly displays the face, tail, front, and back of the character, as well as any complex markings. Please let us know if you have any special requests or features not listed on our quote form. For all kigus, concept art will be provided by us for your approval and is available for revision. Make sure that you let us know of any revisions you’d like us to make before giving your final approval; once the final concept is approved by the client, any changes made to the design may require a $50 revision fee plus any additional work fees. If at any time you’d like to request an additional work-in-progress photo, let us know and we’ll send one ASAP.

Kigurumi Measurements

We require some basic measurements for the initial pattern of the garment; please make sure that these are as accurate as possible as you will be responsible for return shipping and alteration fees if alterations are required due to inaccurate measurements. If for some reason we’ve received and confirmed your measurements and the garment has fit issues, let us know within one week of delivery. Keep in mind that, unless otherwise requested by the client, kigus are meant to be very baggy and loose and will not be form-fitting, especially in the lower body. Please keep this in mind when judging the fit of your kigu. Let us know if you have any special measurements we should take note of.

Fabric Color Selection

While we try our best to find fabrics that match any provided concept art, fabric colors are limited. We will provide photos of the fleece colors we plan to use in your project for your approval before construction begins, and can mail swatches if requested. Please note that the colors in your kigu may not perfectly match the colors in your concept art or reference sheet, and we cannot provide refunds or alterations due to color variation once fabrics have been approved and construction has begun.


The client is responsible for all shipping costs and fees unless noted otherwise. All packages are shipped using USPS with tracking and insurance. We are not responsible for lost packages or missed deadlines due to shipping issues. We do insure every package and will do our best to work with you to try and resolve any missing packages, however we are not responsible for replacing any items lost or damaged in the mail.

Cancelled Commissions and Refunds

If a client requests a project cancellation, they may be offered a partial refund depending on the progress made constructing the item. We do not offer refunds or returns for finished work. The client is not entitled to materials purchased for the project or partially finished work if they accept a refund. We reserve the right to cancel any commission and issue a refund (minus the non-refundable deposit) if we feel that a client is uncooperative, inappropriate, threatening, or if we’ve been unable to contact the client for more than 30 days while the commission is in progress or while we are awaiting payment.


Curlworks not responsible for any bodily harm that comes from our work including but not limited to: tripping, overheating, etc. Know your limits!

Revised 12/09/22. These terms are subject to change at any time. Clients will only be bound to the TOS that they agreed to when their commission was accepted. We encourage clients to save a personal copy of this TOS at the time of their commission. If you neglected to save a copy and would like a previous version, contact us and we can send you an archived version.