Custom Kigu Process

What to Expect

We're proud of our work and want to be as transparent as possible with our clients, so we're sharing our step-by-step process so that you all know what to expect when you commission us for a custom kigurumi! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions

Before the Commission - Submitting your design

First of all, if you're interested in commissioning us, thank you SO much for your interest! We appreciate you and we're so excited to see your critter.

We open periodically for custom kigurumi commission slots about twice a year, and we like to work on one or two kigurumi per month, meaning that we usually take on only a few new kigurumi projects each opening. We tend to get many more submissions than we have slots, which unfortunately means that we have some very hard choices to make, but we try to make our selection process as streamlined as possible!

At this time our commissions are offer based, our current kigurumi price range is listed here.

We'll advertise our next opening via twitter & our mailing list, as well as on our website. Submissions are accepted through a form, which typically we keep open for a few days. After the form closes, we carefully parse through each submission and decide which designs we're going to accept into that batch. Because we receive so many submissions, we unfortunately cannot accept everyone, and those not selected that round will receive an email letting them know that they're free to try again next time.

Those accepted into our queue will be scheduled, pay a deposit, and then receive an invoice which is due by their slot month. We'll send over a link to the measurements we require as well as a link to our Trello so that clients can keep track of where they are on our queue, the status of their project, as well as progress once work begins!

Preparing for the Commission

We'll contact you via email with some kigurumi concept art for you to approve before you commission starts, giving you the opportunity to have design input and request any changes you'd like to the design before it's set in stone. Once that's approved, we move on to fabric selection!

We typically shop for fabric at the beginning of each month, and will carefully check all of our sources for the colors that best match your design. Fabric colors are unfortunately limited, but we'll try our best to work with you to find something that's close! Photos will be provided to approve swatches, however if you'd like to request physical swatches please let us know. Once swatches are approved, we order the fabric and begin work!

Kigu Construction

Once we have your full payment, your measurements, approved concept art, and fabric, we can begin construction! We provide frequent WIPS as we work first on the body. About halfway through the month you can expect a mockup of your kigu's face artwork for your feedback and approval. Once approved, we embroider the face and construct the hood, and then the whole kigu is sewn together and finished with a chef kiss. We'll send you some snappy photos so you can appreciate your new kig!

Our turnaround time for our kigus once construction begins is about 1 month. We'll be in close communication always, and let you know if anything regarding your ETA changes, but you can usually expect your project to be completed within your slot month, if not shortly after.

Shipping and Arrival

Once completed, we'll send you an invoice for shipping. Typically in the USA this costs anywhere from $35-$70, depending on the value of your kigu as we always purchase shipping insurance. Once paid, we'll send you your tracking number so you can watch your kigu safely make it's way to its destination.

Once your kigu is in your hands, the rest is up to you! We love photos of our kigus, so please feel free to share your favorite kigpics with us on twitter or instagram. We'd love to see!

We hope this helps answer some questions about commission process and shines a little clarity on what it's like to work with us. If you'd like to hear some of our past client's thoughts about working with, check out our reviews!