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Our Tale

Hi! We're Curlworks, and here's our story for anyone who cares to read it! Curlworks is two people, Olly "Soupy" G. and Keaton "Saltine" VH., and after meeting in college as art students, we dove into the world costume making and fursuit crafting after discovering the unique niche of custom animal costumes in 2014. Our friends in the local furry community noticed the work we created for ourselves and asked to commission us, and years later here we are!

After graduating college and moving to Minneapolis in 2016, Olly now works full-time running and crafting as Curlworks, designing and constructing kigus and props, working and communicating with all of our lovely clients, running our social media accounts, designing and maintaining our website, and running our online shop. Keaton works a full-time job as a professional designer and provides part-time support by creating our lovely kigurumi face artwork, designing stickers and buttons for our shop, designing our branding and stationary, and being generally really cool.