Client Zone

Curlworks Plush Props

Custom Plush and Fursuit Props

Every plush we sell is made by us in our Minneapolis studio, meaning we have the flexibility to create something totally custom for you! Our turnaround time for small projects is usually about 1 month depending on our current queue, however if you need your project finished earlier we can do so for a fee. If you'd like one of our items in a different color, or something entirely new, let us know!

Custom Shop Item Recolors

We can customize any of the plush items in our shop with custom colors anytime for a small fee, feel free to contact us before placing your order! Shop recolors are always open.

Custom Pet & Fursona Plush

We take limited commissions for flat embroidered fursona and pet plushes. These feature custom embroidery and price varies based on complexity. Prices range from $55 - $200+. Add a replaceable scent and moisture absorbing beads to make it a fursuit refresher for a small fee!

Custom Plush Cosplay & Fursuit Props

We love crafting all sorts of things in plush! We've crafted meat haunches, foods, drinks, plants, and all sorts of small fursuit accessories. Prices depend on complexity and range from $50 - $100+ for small hand-sized props, and $150 - $600+ for larger or more intricate props. If you have an idea for something that you'd like us to craft for you, please reach out for a quote!

Plush Fan Cover Props

Our unique plush fan cover props are hollow and feature a fan inside! Hold them up to your face or costume mouth for extra cooling. We can custom craft these in most shapes, and so far we've made a variety of drinks and popsicles! Prices range from $150 - $400+ and are based on complexity.