Commission a Custom Kigurumi

We're opening for new custom kigurumi commissions! This form will open for submissions on Thursday, Feb 16 and remain open until Tuesday, Feb 21 @ Noon CST.

We will be taking only ONE custom kigurumi slot this round, scheduling for an estimated completion date of April 2023.

For examples of our past custom kigurumi work, feel free to check out our gallery.

This is NOT first come first serve, so please take your time to read over all of the below information and our Terms of Service before submitting.

Submitting Your Design & Artistic Liberty

Make sure that you supply us with an unshaded SFW reference art which clearly shows the front, back, and face of your character.

Please do not send us reference artwork with visible private bits, self-harm (self-harm scars or scar-markings), gore, or other NSFW elements. We will automatically reject your submission.

Feel free to include any kigurumi concept art if you have it (you may create your own kigu reference if you'd like using our free template). If you submit kigu concept art, please also include your regular reference sheet!

If you don't have a design in mind and would like for us to create something for you, we are available for artistic liberty commissions! Just note 'artistic liberty' in the "what is your character's name" field, a species, and a dollar amount in the "offer" field. If you have any themes or color schemes in mind, feel free to include them in the "special requests and additional notes" field.

Additionally, we have a few adoptable designs available for offers this round, you'll find them and more info at the bottom of this page.

Feel free to submit multiple designs, but please submit a separate form for each.

Kigurumi Design Limitations

At this time, we do not make kigus with:
- human-like heads of hair (hair puffs, bangs, manes, and 'mohawks' are ok!)
- kigus of characters wearing clothes
- kigus made with minky fabric
- kigus with zippers
- form-fitted kigus

Consider being open to simplifying or being flexible with your design (and make a note in your submission with what you'd like to simplify) if your kigu features:
- gradients
- complex markings on the center of the chest (where the buttons divide the body)
- very thin, intricate markings
- lots of small, detailed markings

Custom Hoodies

We are available for hoodie commissions as well-- pricing and terms are the same as our custom kigurumi. Hoodies are crafted with fleece and finished with a zipper.

Prices & Payment

All clients are required to pay a non-refundable 30% deposit to secure their slot in our queue. Full payment will be due before work begins. Due to the short turnaround time of this project, we will prioritize clients who can pay their total upfront.

Our custom kigurumi prices range from $2500 - $5000+ and increase based on complexity. Our commission slots are offer based, and both your offer and design are equally considered in our selection process.

Please do not offer an amount below our base price of $2500. If your character has many markings or details, consider offering a higher budget ($3500+ is the average price for a character with many markings, without extra goodies like fur/mittens/wings etc!). For very complex designs (such as Mochiri's 'Fluffy Shrimp' with heavily sculpted tails and lots of details) consider offering at least $5000.

Custom kigurumi are our most labor and time intensive work. We prioritize higher budgets that allow us more creative freedom and dedicated time for fun experimentation, which results in a more unique and special piece for you. Thanks for being understanding with us in this regard!


We typically are pretty accurate (within a few weeks) to the schedule we provide to you once you're accepted into our queue, but we can accommodate specific deadlines (such as conventions or events) for a fee! Let us know in your submission form if this is something you're interested in. The fee is typically about 10% of the total cost of your kigu.

Adoptable Designs

We have a few designs available for adoption this round. With purchase, you will receive all character rights to the critter you choose. Please offer at least the minimum price shown next to each design-- if multiple people offer on the same design, the highest offer will win. I will reach out to all parties interested in a design with the current highest offer so they can adjust their offer if they choose! Offers on these designs will end when the form closes.

Chicky - $3000+, features chicken mitts, winglets, dangly chicken waddles, and an upright tail.
Pigeon - $3000+, features pigeon mitts, winglets.
Gummy Wormfest Dragon - $6000+, features applique'd worms, pompom whiskers, & worm tail.
Seraphim Kigu - $6500+, features 8 wings & embroidered eyes throughout.

That's it!

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ! If you still can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP. Thank you so much for your interest and we're looking forward to seeing everyone's designs. Follow the link below once we open!

Submit your Design